Climate Message of the Week May 1, 2020

Even as we practice social distancing and follow stay-at-home recommendations, we can be part of the climate solution. At the same time empty grocery shelves have become common, yearly food waste in the US consumes 21% of all fresh water and accounts for 21% of all landfill.
To reduce food waste, track what you waste then adjust your buying patterns. The EPA’s Food: Too Good to Waste Toolkit has helpful information and tracking sheets. Shop from a list and avoid buying more than you can use. Repurpose leftovers into a new dish like using leftover mashed potatoes to make potato soup. Be creative with food scraps by doing things like making stock and bread crumbs. Compost on an individual basis or through your residential waste management provider. Check online resources or books like My Zero-Waste Kitchen by Kate Turner. (Based on 6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste, Even during a Pandemic

From SCAN! Saltwater Climate Action Now!

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