Staining Lighthouse Deck

Dear Friends:
Karen L. and I worked on the Lighthouse deck, and we accomplished a lot…but didn’t finish.  We need help, and I hope that especially members of the Community Team (so many of us sidelined with the church being closed, retreat postponed, potlucks “off,” …) will answer her call.
We are staining the deck, and it is highly weather dependent.  If she has some sunny days in a row, it is perfect to finish the job.  Ironically, Karen herself chose to live in a condominium to avoid such maintenance tasks, but is contributing big-time to our church buildings and grounds.  She could use some help!
1.  We wore masks;
2.  Karen brought hand sanitizer;
3.  We wore gloves;
4.  We worked at opposite ends of the deck;
5.  We were working outside the entire time.
This is work that can be done “together” safely, and it was fun.  We both have limited future availability, and I am hoping that some new folks will step up and offer to assist.  It would be great if you could work today (beautiful, sunny, and the spider webs and vegetation already cleared away).
Please respond!  The rest of this should go pretty quickly.  

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