Take a Small Step

The journey through life is built with steps and many of those steps are small ones. Each day brings its share of challenges. Some are old, some are new, but the only way to address these challenges is to take a step designed to lead … read more.

Anyone Can Ask, Anyone Can Bless

Inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “An Altar in the World,” this service is about the importance of blessing. We have the opportunity to choose to bless the world and one another, even in incredibly challenging and uncertain times. Join us to experience the power … read more.

Somewhere on the Road to Damascus

Somewhere on the road to Damascus Saul became Paul. Somewhere under a Bodhi tree Siddhartha awoke as the Buddha. And somewhere today the next generation of spiritual leaders is waking up to the realities of the world. In this service, we will explore what it … read more.