What’s Needed in These Times

We live in times of upheaval, unrest, and uncertainty. And with all of this comes suffering on a collective scale. As Unitarian Universalists, what do we believe is needed? Together we’ll explore the theology of Meg’s Barnhouse’s song “All Will Be Well,” the original text … read more.

Honoring Our Past, Envisioning Our Future

Our future is deeply informed by our past. We come together to remember those who have gone before us, how our ancestors continue to live through us, and who they call us to be now. During this service of remembrance, you are invited to bring … read more.

Fear is Contagious: So is Hope

This message is displayed on a billboard in Puyallup that I regularly drive by. 

I got me to pondering about how we religious liberals might address the following questions;  

How do we best set aside or isolate contagious fear.

How do we help each other fear less … read more.