Learning to Care

This fall a class of Saltwater youth and adults have been exploring hunger and poverty in towns around us. This team of folks took part in hands-on, service projects and activities that introduced them to the reality of hunger and poverty in local communities. And they want to share what they learned, what they experienced … Continued

How Can I Help

Real life stories about people who give selflessly to help others often touch us deeply. These tales of compassion at work point to the need for each of us to find outlets for service. Yet, such inspiration is not always enough to move a body to action.  The concept of “helping” is complex – a … Continued

Remembering Our Beloved Dead

Many cultures around the world set aside a day to celebrate ancestors and newly departed loved ones. Bring photos or mementos of your beloved dead, and we will share stories and celebrate the lives they led in our Day of the Dead service. Join us for this very UU memorial celebration