Everything is Holy Now

On this Easter morning we come together to celebrate miracles, wholeness, and a sense of possibility. What is the lasting impact of the Easter story for Unitarian Universalists? If everything is holy now, how do we live our lives?

Rev. Kristen Kuriga

Our Earth, Our Home

A multigenerational worship service that celebrates gratitude for the earth, experiences of awe in nature, and what our relationship with the interconnected web of life asks of us. Join us for a morning of song, ritual, storytelling, reflection, and exploration of the commitments we can … read more.

Risking Transformation

There is a loneliness that comes from hiding our true selves and keeping silent about what we need. By risking speaking our truth with persons we can trust, there is the possibility of connection, which can break down the barriers of isolation, leaving room for … read more.