Belong, Grow Your Soul, Change the World!

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Are You Looking For a Liberal Religious Community in South King County?

Are you seeking a place where you can experience a welcoming community, a place where diversity of many kinds is celebrated and where you will be accepted for who you are?

Are you seeking a place where you can open your heart to what is inspiring, sustaining, transforming and redeeming in life without the dogmas of orthodoxy?

Are you seeking a place where you can engage in a free and responsible search for religious truth?

Are you seeking a place where you can feel belonging, where others care for you and you care for others?

Are you seeking a place where you can work with others toward a better, more compassionate, more just world for all of us?

Are you seeking a place where you can grow your soul?

Saltwater Church is a Unitarian Universalist congregation serving South King County since 1954. Our members come from Seattle, Burien, Normandy Park, Des Moines, Federal Way, Brown's Point, Tacoma, Renton, SeaTac, Kent, Auburn, and other South King and Pierce County communities.

Join us for services at 10:30 a.m. on any Sunday morning. Programming for children and youth, as well as childcare for crawlers and toddlers, is also available at this time.

A Liberal Religious Understanding of Easter?



How do Unitarian Universalists find inspiration and wisdom in the story of Easter when many of us don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus, get the heebeegeebees at the thought of Jesus suffering and dying on the cross to placate a wrathful God for the sins of humanity, and are skeptical about the literal truth of biblical miracles such as resurrection? 

Read Reverend James 2010 sermon on "A Liberal Religious Understanding of Easter" to find out.


Reverend James Testifies at Federal Way City Council Meeting

Watch Reverend James's testimony  in front of the Federal Way City Council at its February 17 meeting. Reverend James testified in favor of creating a day shelter for homeless men, women, and children in Federal Way.


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