Throughout the month of March we are exploring the theme of wisdom. For Unitarian Universalists, where does wisdom reside? Who has wisdom? What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Together, we will explore the sources of our faith, as well as what we gain by going on the journey of spiritual exploration together. We’ll touch into the wisdom of the mind, body, intuition and the heart. Theme-based ministry connects worship, religious education and small group experiences so that we are having a shared conversation across the generations. Come, join us to deepen our faith together.

Reflections on Wisdom:

“Listen: a wisdom within you calls to a wisdom beyond you and in that dialogue lies peace.”
— Rev. Leslie Takahashi

“You can tell whether one is clever by their answers. You can tell whether one is wise by their questions.”
–Naguib Mahfouz

“The value of the average conversation could be enormously improved by the constant use of four simple words: ‘I do not know.’ “
–Andre Maurois


The practice of untangling yourself from what you’ve been taught
The practice of wedding cleverness with compassion

Spiritual Practice:

The Best Advice You’ve Received:
Wisdom is a gift. We pass it on to each other like a precious jewel. None of us want others to make the same mistakes we did, so we generously share our advice.

In other words, wisdom connects us. It’s not just something we collect to uplift ourselves. It’s something we pass on so we can all make it through together. Or to put it another way, wisdom and kindness are more closely linked than we acknowledge.

To honor this, we’re invited this month to remember the wisdom we’ve received.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Make time to meditate and reflect on the best advice you got from others.
  2. Then, out of all those memories (and pieces of advice) pick the one you think is most relevant to you currently. Pick the one your life right now needs you to remember.

Taking It Home:  Ideas for All Ages

The Wisdom of Simplicity: Make a Kite:
A simple activity is building and flying a kite. You can make one for under $1 out of a plastic garbage bag, two dowels, tape and string. Here are the instructions: For a group, we recommend making some pre-measured templates so the children can use them as a guide to cut their bag to the right shape, instead of measuring it. Reflect on how the building of the kite teaches you the wisdom of careful following of instructions.

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Resources on this page adapted from Soul Matters March 2020.